if i were a guy

this is one of the times i wish i could be a guy. tbh i wish i was one. nope it’s got nothing to do with liking a girl or anything. i’m not a lesbian, jot that down. it’s just that, i’m tired of being a girl you know. having to consider everything, having to getting approvals, having to be cautious all the time, having to feel threatened all the time, having to give up dreams, having to listen to others, having to sacrifice.

a teacher? i am a girl and that’s why i chose that proffesion cause it’s suits me and future family. a teacher because i want to be a good mother. a teacher because i need the time for my future family. a teacher because that’s what my parents want. a teacher because i’m a realist, there’s so many cause and consequences that i have to reconsider. a teacher because that suits a woman the most.

but if i were given a choice to be a guy, i would pursue my dreams in mechanical engineering. you see i like dealing with machines be it electronic devices or other mechanical things. but yeah these things impresses me a lot and not boring. i like to fix things on my own at home. but i can’t enter this field. cause it’s a man’s work and i just can’t waste my time there. i’ll become an engineer on my own at home. it’s not that i’m a coward or anything but it’s just i’m a realist so i tend to think a lot for my future. after all i’ll become a wife and a mother someday so i need to plan this carefully.



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