To The One Who Helped Me Love Again

Thought Catalog

You came along at such an unexpected time. That time everyone tells you will eventually come, but you never truly believe will. When you’re still reminiscing through the old photos of you and the one who decided to walk out the door, trying painfully to push them out of your consciousness. When you go home with tequila on your breath more nights than not, because it still doesn’t sting as much as the painful memories do. When you think you are irreparably broken. When no amount of glue, or duct tape, or comforting words from your friends ever seem to be enough to make you feel whole. And when that kind of pain cuts deeper than any knife can, isn’t that what we all want? To feel a little more whole and a little less broken?

And then in some sort of cosmic intervention, there you were.

There you were…

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