take me away

i wanna write something but nothing comes into my mind.

well let’s start with me wishing to possess a teleportation superpower.

yes cause i’m here and they’re there.

it sucks when you have that many friends like you have to make some time for them and come all the way from here which yes again sucks cause i’m here and they’re there.

let me see, so i have 4 groups to meet and a date.

well i wouldn’t call it as a date but what do you call a girl meeting a guy after a year not seeing each other. umm friendly meeting? lol idk we do this every year.

and every year we change. be it our appearances, attitude and perspectives. well i definitely changed a lot this time after entering degree. i mean i became wayy feminine well let’s just hope it’s not going to be awkward

anyway i’m all stressed out cause i hate planning and all of them have started to ask me when can i come and stuff. can’t you guys just wait for next year? cause i’m seriously malas nak get out from this house

a month left before usm ugh so i need to plan this smoothly.

and i really really really really from the bottom of my heart don’t want to return to usm


please, just take me away.



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