Fifty shades of grey

I’m sorry but fifty shades of grey is a big no no. I’ve read the book 2 years back but i didn’t complete even the first one cause i was disgusted by the idea that the E. L James gave to the readers. Okay people love the book because the author describes christian grey as someone powerful, handsome and rich, and not to deny that the cast in the movie is also so breathtaking  but what if christian grey is someone ugly, a total opposite of the christian grey we imagined as what the author describes? Of course we would definitely feel disgust with the book or even the movie.

Okay putting aside the descriptions, well the idea of a white dude controlling a weak woman who is powerless to his charm and wit and not to mention normalising abusive and creepy relationships like this isn’t normal. This is not okay. He sexually abused the girl and yeah the girl liked it but IT WASN’T SUPPOSED BE LIKE THAT I MEAN IT’S NOT HEALTHY. Having a playroom full of whips and handcuffs like i don’t know about you but christian grey surely looked like a maniac to me. I understand about all those stuff i mean i’m a grown up too but being submissive to someone dominant and plus having a contract to let someone do stuff to you even if he’s someone you really love to death or attractive, you shouldn’t be doing this like wake up girlssss this is not okay.

Like he became like that because he was sexually abused by his mother’s friend when he was just a teenager now what that tells you. He’s not normal and clearly he isn’t in a good mental state. Then he met a girl who looked innocent, submissive and virgin, and that made him feel like conquering her. Ugh stupid anastasia.

I would like to highlight this again. Fifty shades of grey’s existence is no good cause it plants some weird ideas into the society of how relationship could be. The younger ones who read or watch this will probably get influenced and would want to try and do those stuff. Thus, this can bring harm and worse, death. This is not a small matter. No one should think that this is okay. I don’t want my children to grow up thinking that this kind of stuff is a new kind of romance and it’s okay and sweet when it’s clearly not.


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