of baju kurung

Alhamdulillah. Dean list for the fourth time. Alhamdulillah.

So my mom’s friend is a single tailor and apparently she needed more hands to complete her order and my mom being generous as usual, offered her my help well without my permission -.- she wanted me to go out and do some beneficial things plus learn new skill. It’s been four days already and tomorrow is the last day. 

Yes. I can now brag to everyone that i know how to sew. Believe it or not i’ve sow 5 pairs of baju kurung and 2 baju melayu by myself. freaking five baju kurung. I can now operate the sewing machine like a boss. hahahahaha finally new skill. The tailor said i’m a fast learner, thank you. like nowadays it’s hard to find young girls who can sew.

honey, i could even make a baju melayu for you already *wink wink*


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