The fault in our stars

I nearly cried but i didn’t. I hope something’s wrong with my tear duct cause i was supposed to cry reading the book or watching the movie but i didn’t. Watched the fault in our stars and it was not disappointing thank god. Minus the fact that they didn’t put in my favorite scene but that’s ok cause they put in his other flaws. When the song all i want by kodaline came out i nearly cried cause it was perfect. It was simply beautiful. Not the cast, not the scene but the words and the quotes used are so beautiful they made me smile.

One thing about augustus waters was that he could simply say cheesy things at the most random time and it won’t feel that cheesy bulu roma naik cause it’s so random that it surprises you and yeah made you feel flattered. The kind of guy i need. It was cheesy but it was cheesy on augustus part. Hazel was just simply showing her affections towards augustus in a different quiet way. Sometimes we don’t need words to express the love but simply watching how hazel’s eyes light up whenever she sees augustus was enough to prove it. I’m pretty much like hazel. I don’t show but if you pay attention, look a little more closely, you’ll see.


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