The meteoras.

Such a bliss.

To be able to see them again after nearly a year. We call ourselves the meteoras. Well there’s a story behind why we chose meteoras. I came in late as i had to do my asr and they are already at the table. I came in and sat, so i was talking when my friend ask me to order cause the waiter is already beside me. As i was talking i turn to look at the waiter and i swear that i suddenly stopped talking. Hahahaha. I was wonderstruck. After a few seconds i laughed and looked at shamin and she was laughing her ass off looking at my reaction. The waiter was hot. Well i don’t usually use this kind of word but he is! His english was perfect and he was really nice to us with his witty jokes. But we don’t know if he’s a muslim or not cause he looked like a mix malay. It’s subang kan. We never know. All of us were fangirling and even shamin stuttered too so i’m not the only one okay. And that explains how we named ourselves..

The meteoras.

I had so much fun these three days. The meteoras consists of bat, jibah, shamin, shady, shiraa & me. Lulz so high school. But it’s kinda cool like when we already have our children then we’ll be like “haa mama nak jumpa meteoras jap” hahaha yes pls.

I love them.

We had our sleepover and it was fun fun fun fun! The next day was the photoshoot for bat’s online shop. I feel beautiful hahahaahahahahahahaha i don’t usually feel beautiful but i did. The make up and the dress helped. Then we went iftar again and shiraa’s boyfriend joined us. He’s getting along with us better. I mean if you want to have something with the girls, you have to go through us. We approve you not. It’s a good thing that he always try to fit in with us. I began to accept him better than shiraa’s ex.

Anyway so that night we had a sleepover again with syadiah and najibah. Najibah’s mom was sarcastic and nice i like her a lot. The food was simple but great. The next night syadiah went back home and ismah stopped by. It was unplanned but we had the sleepover again. Haha it was great cause we played some stupid things.

I really don’t want to be apart from them. It was short but sweet. I wish time could stop for a while.

Can’t wait for raya reunion and the zoo. ☺


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