uuuuu wordpress, you have changed your layout. i like it.

anyway so I am nearly reaching half of the sepeant’s shadows from the kane chronicles by rick riordan. yes you could say i’m a huge fan of his.

sometimes i do feel like freezing my own brain you know cause i tend to have all sorts of random thoughts all at once. you know how indecisive i can be, and these thoughts are killing me. my thoughts includes generally everything like i mean EVERY SINGLE THING. nevermind, it’s hard to explain after all.

i also become a tutor to my sister. she’s 15 this year and she’s taking PMR (whatever they call the exam now). SANGAT STRESSFUL i tell you. If i’m teaching english, bm, sejarah, geo maybe okay la kot but this is maths. i mean i can teach her la my maths is not that bad. but the process of making her understand the logic of the topics is frigging hard tak tipu.

i miss bibik teti, i truly am. as i watch my mum get up and prepare for sahur, i was honestly terrified. mother’s job are terrifying no kidding. i mean i know la before this but then as i observe clearly for the first time ever, then i realized.

It’s non stop.

Like everything. house chores, worrying about the children, taking care of the husband, cooking, laundry, making sure everything all right omg basically everything…

no break, and the cycle goes on and on

how did yo-
how did you do all that mom?
like how in the world you’ve been patient with all that?

and she was like, “someday you will understand, and get used to it”


wait what.

um k.

 *cries in a corner*


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