I’ve finished reading house of hades. The most shocking part was nico was actually in love with percy, i mean hold on for a sec like whaaat. I never saw that coming. Leo also has finally found his happiness thank god. I really like him cause he’s witty and funny. I’m in love with rick riordan’s books cause the way he describes it in details really made me feel like i’m living in the book. I tried to read his adult works and i swear i couldn’t recognize his style anymore. It’s so different.

So i aimed myself to finish reading the 13 books that i bought last sem. Different genres of course, there’s love, fantasy, thriller, crime, detective, mystery, poetic, life and even islamic ones.

I prefer to read all kinds of books cause i need to always put different inputs in my head so that my brain would actively develop well. I mean reading is very good especially when you’ve reached golden age. Studies shows that old people who reads more tends to remember more. Knowledge is important i tell you, this is what my father always tells me even until now. Don’t ever stop seeking knowledge.

I used to always finish 600 pages of a book in just 2 days. How? By locking myself in my room and not to do anything except for eat, read & sleep. Dulu boleh la buat but now i have more things to do so i have to be wiser in handling my time. And no, i’m not a nerd. It’s just that sometimes i do feel like i’m living in the book and i don’t want to escape from it.

The fault in our stars? Read it last year or 2 years back can’t remember. Lol i hope i’m not the only human being on earth that didn’t cry at all. Like at all. I predicted the ending and when he died i was like cool he had the eulogy at least. But i really like the part when he admitted that he was ashamed of getting the attention when he was with hazel at the airport. Hazel kan had this oxygen tank thing so of course people around would look at her and augustus felt embarrassed of that. I really like this part. Why this part? Well it shows that augustus wasn’t all prince charming good samaritan despite how in love he is with hazel. Now this is reality. He’s a normal human being who’s a little more romantic but he also had flaws. He may looked like a jerk here but john green really did a good job of telling there’s no perfect guy in reality. Well i don’t intend to read this book again cause dah mainstream terlebih sekarang. Like now’s everyone dah sibuk nak beli bagai baca and stuff. Lepas tu semua claim jadi john green’s fans. Tfios pebenda ntah. Sorry not sorry but if you had become a book freak like me, you would understand why. Agak kecewa with the cast as i was expecting hazel to look smaller and fragile. And i was expecting augustus to look more badass in a way. Well let’s just hope the movie won’t disappoint me.



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