HEA was disastrous no kidding.

worse, i just knew it’s 4 units i’m like so dead.

now at times like this i wish my future husband would do well in his studies instead ha ha ha

i’m so afraid of not getting the dean list, i want to cry my lungs out

what if what if what if


believe in Him haz, you’ve done the best already okay


and apparently they have officially became enemies hm.

i don’t know what to say, i tried to stop her but she was so overwhelmed by what he said.

i know that he didn’t mean it but like she said, once he speaks out, his words belonged to the public

what happened to “if you have nothing good to say, better shut up” ?

maybe, maybe i hadn’t really known him before

i was wrong and honestly am disappointed too.


there’s no going back.


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