you are you, i am i

why? why do feel that way about me?

insecure? why me?

why are you so insecure of me?


i swear that what i told you was the truth, i’m socially awkward

but sometimes, somehow another side of me, that bubbly side showed up and yeah people just love that side of me

but it was unintentional you know showing that side to them

can’t help it. it just did.

you don’t know what you possess, you handle them better actually

so tell me why do you feel insecure? don’t you want to see me happy, bubbly?

cause i do, I’ve always want you to be happy


so you said that i’ve more love interest

and i don’t think that you should feel insecure about that,

having them liking me is not my choice or wish.

let me tell you something,

having someone liking you for who you are and never give up on you is way better than having many love interests

and that my friend, is something i’ve never possess before, not even once.


everyone wants to be someone else but not me. i did but i killed those thoughts long ago. yes i do have insecurities too but i choose to ignore them. i choose to be free from those fatal thoughts. i choose to be myself. confidence is the key

it’s okay to feel insecure, but pls don’t try to hurt me or even yourself

cause i would never want you to get hurt


so tell me why are you insecure for?

you are you, i am i

what i see in you is different than how you see yourself

repeat that again, and again,

let those words resonate in your mind.


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