fairy tale

it seems impossible, i don’t think it’s real

it felt like there’s another strange world revolving around me

strange world full of fairy tales, something that only happens on movie screens

i want to be someone’s first

i want to be that special someone to the extent he’d bring a girl to his parents for the first time

i want to experience all of the first times with him, something that he hasn’t experienced before

i want to be that special someone that even his friends would say he has never loved someone like this before

i just want to feel special, can i?

i don’t think it’s greed, i’ve been saving those first times for that one special person so why can’t i get the same in return?

but then again who am i to choose, things will happen as the way it is and i still believe in Him.

whoever that He’ll ended me up with, i promise that i’ll make him feel like i’m his first, i’ll love him with every inch of my body

if i’m not his first, i’m going to make him feel that he hasn’t known love before

that, i promise.


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