Officially 19 (28 May)

so i turned 19 last week.

how was it? it was good. all good.

i have this love hate relationship with birthdays. yea everyone’s birthday.

so me turned 19, something felt different somehow. i feel like i’m being forced to grow up. that day was like the turning point like someone threw ‘hey, you’re 19 face the fact, grow up and start to really live your life’ right in my face.

ouch. sentap berdarah.

last year i celebrated it with my family but now i only have my friends and myself around so yeah at first i would just ignore the day and stay unproductive on my bed

but then the midnight struck and i was like brace yourself haz

Birthday wishes. yea, tons of them.

for someone who hates getting attention, i actually love getting the attention only on my birthday

i remember every single of those who wished me and those who don’t

so if you want to win me, remember my birthday. be it friends or strangers, i will appreciate and remember you. that’s how big deal birthdays are for me. i don’t need presents or celebration. just letting me know that you actually remember my favorite day is enough to make my day.

So back to the story.

So the moment I woke up that beautiful morning, I prayed Subuh and read Yaasin to start the blessed day. Then I sat at my desk and think. I was wide awake so I can’t go back to sleep.

and suddenly i’m like eff this thing i’m so going to celebrate my birthday cause it’s my effing birthday.

and so I googled ‘ways to celebrate your birthday by yourself’

and there were some good results and that gave me,

28 things to do on my 19th birthday!

I listed it all out and started to plan the details.

tumblr_n6rh04vScR1qb9o1yo1_1280 tumblr_n6rh04vScR1qb9o1yo2_1280


Look at all of the ticks! I’m so proud of  myself.

It was my most productive birthday ever, catching up the time and do these things.

There were some few first times also.

I was happy and content. I feel alive.

And one thing for sure,

that day changed my life.


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