Broken ones

Cross your heart and say you’re never giving up
That you’ll carry on when every door will shut
That you’ll live, you’ll live with no regret!
We wear a smile to hide that we’ve been hurt before
Keep our desires in a suitcase by the door,
Cause you know, you know we’re only human!

So lay your hands on the left behind
We all know how it feels to be forgotten for a while.
In a crowded place trying not to feel alone,
Just remember that we’ve all been broken once!
Let’s love the broken ones, yea, yeah!
Love the broken ones!

Raise your glass to all the words we never say
We do our best, but still we look the other way,
Cause sometimes it’s easier to run
Cause after all, we’re only humans!

Sometimes we’re left behind,
Feel like the only one,
But we were born to try
Yeah, we’re only human!


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