18 going 19

How am I feeling right now?

I’m turning 19 in a few minutes time.

And I hate it.

Why do people love birthdays anyway? I hate birthdays.

It’s like a sign to grow up.

“Grow up haz, you’re nineteen already”

Ugh shut up.

19 and this means I have to think of more serious things in the future.

I have to face more greater difficulties compared to now.


19 and next year you’re 20 haz.

20 and there’s no going back to your teen.

this is your last teen.

ugh this is so depressing,

being forced to grow up sucks.

As your eighteen self haz, I wish you all the best in life. I hope you become happier, I hope you find your purpose, I hope you’re braver, I hope you mingle with humans more, I hope you stop pushing people away, I hope you stop being such a lazy sloth, I hope your faith increases, May Allah bless you always

and I hope the next person you’re going to fall in love with, is the right one.

I love you hazreeni, no matter what happens in the future, I’m still proud of you, our 5 years old self is still proud of you.

Be good, be human and be happy please.

– eighteen years old hazreeni rafiqa 



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