an angel in disguise

theater in just a few hours and i’m freaking out now. 

okay no, am not.

this time i became a rebellious soldier and also an angel.

yes, an angel.

the perk of having an innocent face lol.

i just couldn’t see how pia broke down just now.

it broke my heart to see her like that

she was really afraid that she might let us all down but the thing is no.

no one is letting anyone else down.

we should all just enjoy this and have some fun.

like yeah, why so serious?


anyway yeah, it’s going to be a full house tonight cause the tickets are selling fast like hot cakes

i mean yeah, tesol students kot. Mestilah ramai connections and we’re cool liddat

okay lulz.

admitting that you’re cool is not cool, cause it wouldn’t be cool that way

okay i should stop.

i’m nervous actually that’s why.


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