Teacher Haz

Children’s theatre happened.

We went to the school last morning and the school welcomed us aboard. It was a small Tamil school located somewhere that was hard to be found. We were a bit late cause we had some miscommunication and kind of lost the direction. The headmaster was very cooperative and the teachers were friendly. I was scared at first cause this is the first time I went and even communicate to students of other races. I’m scared if we can’t communicate properly cause I obviously don’t know how to speak tamil. But to our surprise, their english proficiency was good! So it wasn’t that hard for us to talk to them. They were very excited and enthusiastic to get involved in our activities too. It was short and brief but they quickly got attached to us. There were 5 groups of them consist of 5 students and I was assigned to Green Duck group along with Xiao Xiao and Tam. There was this one kid in my group that hardly ever speak so I continued made him to speak out and at the end of the day he was the who volunteered to talk in front! And he just won’t stop talking after that lol. They were very attentive and the responds were great.

I think I have a gift around kids la. Haha.

I mean kids get attached to me easily and same goes to me. I’ve gotten some cards from them and also some compliments like cute, nice, pretty and handsome. Multiple times. *flips hair*

I was amazed that they had dreams too I mean I totally forgot how when I was at their age and my dream was to become a doctor. Thank God I didn’t become one cause I’m actually afraid of wounds and blood lol. One of them wants to become an English teacher!

I am utterly glad that Allah has chosen the teaching profession for me. No wonder my parents want me to become a teacher so badly when I don’t have clear a hala tuju in life, they knew I can become a good one. And even if I have my master or my phd I don’t think I want to become a lecturer. I just want to become a teacher. Memang la gaji tak banyak but as long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing so why not? Seeing them smile made me happy, giving them new knowledge made my heart content. That’s why teacher is the noblest occupation ever.

‘Teacher Dr. Haz’

Dear future husband, I would really loveee to help you financially but I hope you’re going to let me do what I’m enjoying the most. I would be a lecturer if you ask me to but kalau boleh la, kalau boleh la I just want to become a teacher cause after what happened today I really really really want to become one. Lagipun we were just going to lead a simple life kan. Kaya sangat pun bukan boleh bawa masuk dalam kubur pun. So is it okay? All the decisions are up to you anyway.

“If you’re a bird, I am a bird”

I promise I will learn how to cook in return okay? x


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