Have you ever had this one big question that you’re trying to search for your entire life but couldn’t find the perfect answer that answers everything?

I do, until last night.

For years I’ve been searching for the answer, I’ve been asking myself,


i thought the answer was because i’m a realist. but i was wrong

how I was wrong, how I wasn’t grateful


this one word that answers everything,

the answer to why I have such a high consciousness even when I was young, too young.

the answer to why i didn’t do that didn’t do this, why i choose not to,

the answer to why how i see and think things differently from others,

and the peculiar part is, I don’t even know why

“Dan dia telah memelihara Nabi Muhammad daripada kecil, menjaga beliau daripada anasir anasir jahat”

and it struck me like, oh.

so that’s my answer.

He took care of me,

right from the beginning.


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