Happy Navy day!

and here where i could go all out.

it was a fine lovely day, TLDM turns 80 so we have to go celebrate it. Nothing much, just us standing there fighting against the pain of fainting or collapsing. Tips of not fainting? sing or think. That’s how I survived in all those perbarisan.

It was kind of awkward too lol like a-w-k-w-a-r-d gila

but yeah, i’ll have to live with this for a year.

i just need to stop being all hyper but i couldn’t help it. i’m too comfortable with them.

plus, i drank nescafe just now. would you pls stop feeding me nescafe without knowing my restrictions? okay whatevs.

So yeah.

Happy Navy day! Stay Navy, stay cool, stay intake 27. Thank you for existing Navy thus making my life here in usm miserable/interesting/happy/proud.

Really, thank you for letting me meet them. Although I was really a jerk at first but heyy, the one who seem to cares less is actually the one who cares the most kanz.

I saw them doing the parade and i was stunned with their handsome looks. Yes, i’m referring handsome to all of them including the ladies too. I secretly want to be like them one day lol.

“Leftenan Muda Hazreeni Rafiqa Hosni”

*flips uniform*


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